32 Years Ago: SLAUGHTER rehearse with Chuck Schuldiner (Fuck of Death) 32 Years Ago: SLAUGHTER rehearse with Chuck Schuldiner (Fuck of Death)

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32 Years Ago: SLAUGHTER rehearse with Chuck Schuldiner (Fuck of Death)

Chuck's brief excursion to Toronto - joining Canadian legends of death & thrash SLAUGHTER in anticipation of their upcoming album recording - resulted in this rehearsal tape, generally known as Fuck of Death ("deep in the coffin, Death prevails"); recorded on this day in 1986.

Chuck returned to Florida soon after this rehearsal then headed to San Francisco to meet Chris Reifert (later of AUTOPSY). They would record DEATH's Scream Bloody Gore in the summer of 1986.

SLAUGHTER went on to record the classic album Strappado a couple of weeks later, the 9th of February at Futuresound.

In September of 1985, Chuck relocated to San Francisco at the urging of ex-D.R.I. drummer Eric Brecht, and the pair soon hooked up in yet another version of the band, this time with the intent of their band "being the fastest ever". Ultimately, however, Chuck realized that a full-speed assault did not allow for the different musical shades and colors which made DEATH such an import musical entity, and in December of that same year, he returned to Florida, bandless once again. It was around that time that he got a phone call from Toronto death metal upstarts Slaughter, who - just a few short weeks prior to entering the studio to begin recording their debut album, Strappado - asked him to move up to Canada and join their ranks. Frustrated with his local environment.
Chuck accepted their offer and in January of 1986 moved to Toronto to start rehearsing with the group. Although initially enthusiastic about the prospect of being in an actual "band", Schuldiner quickly realized the need to pursue his own vision and not follow somebody else's lead, and promptly left Canada to return to Florida, where he started plotting his next attack.
- Biography of Death, Borivoj Krgin

A quote from the German metal zine Deathfuck partially unravels Chuck's short jaunt to Toronto, Canada, in January 1986 to join the early death/thrash band Slaughter. "It's unbelievable...Evil Chuck, who just joined Slaughter in early January, left 'em again in the same month! Official news from the Slaughter headquarters tell that Chuckie baby had to leave 'em coz of a total lack of band dedication and further sexual differences!" It was Slaughter bassist Terry Sadler who, years later, explained perhaps the biggest reason for Chuck's hasty departure from Toronto to Snakepit editor Laurent Ramadier in mid 2001: "He lived in my parents' basement with me for a while and my parents had no idea. They found out and the shit hit the fan. They wanted him and me out! I think that Chuck overheard our fighting and he took off...We had no bad feelings towards Chuck, but his friends kept leaving messages for us that we sucked and that Chuck was too good for us! We know for a fact that Chuck never felt that way, but the rumors started flowing and bad feelings began! We now wish Chuck the best of luck with his health, and we're not kids anymore slagging each other!"
Matt Olivo received a call from Chuck while he was in Canada: "He was totally bummed out and pissed off. 'Cause he had fallen on the ice, which started the breaking of the camel's back-all the shit that had been building up. He just wanted to get the fuck out of Toronto." Chuck told Borivoj Krgin in in an '87 Metal Forces interview that "it didn't take me very long to realize that I'd made a big, big mistake, so I left after only two weeks."
- Precious Memories of Chuck Schuldiner, Perry M. Grayson