32 Years Ago: VENOM release Nightmare single

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32 Years Ago: VENOM release Nightmare single

A few months after Possessed, VENOM released the Nightmare single on this day in 1985.

Bob Harvey directed a video, one of several he made for the band, which was released on VHS as Video Nightmare in 1985.

Venom - Nightmare (Official video)

The 7" featured "Satanachist" on the b-side, the 12" added "F.O.A.D."; the cassette had an entire side B which you can hear below.

It opens with a short clip of Mike Reid introducing the Warhead single (1984) on his Radio 1 show after being challenged by Tommy Vance to play it on his programme.

Rush out and buy for your granny now, she's dying to get hold of a copy. It's at number 15 in our current rock and metal singles chart. That record is by Venom. It is called Warhead. I'd give a £100 to the charity of his choice if Mike Reid would play that on the breakfast show. But I doubt that he will.

If some of you want to go and make a cup of tea...

Venom - Nightmare (Cassette - Side B)

If you continue listening, the tape has a track called "True Venom Legions Answerphone Message". As you can hear, VENOM diehards ("...and we hate SLAYER") leaving telephone messages.
A bunch of these are about the Birmingham Odeon and, if it is mid-1985, the World Possession (Part 2) Tour problems and cancellations. Most of the early dates were cancelled but the Brum Odeon did go ahead on 6 October.

Mark, on these messages, mentions VENOM being on ECT (Extra Celestial Transmission which aired on Channel 4), here's what he was talking about:

Venom live on ECT