32 Years Ago: VENOM release Possessed

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32 Years Ago: VENOM release Possessed

The posters read...


Thirteen Power Packed Tracks

This month in 1987 VENOM unleashed their fourth album - Possessed. The last VENOM album with Mantas until the mid-90s reunion.

I don't think that everybody had enough input, because when we came to record the album, nobody had any songs apart from me! And that's not the way we used to do things... Mantas was already off on his little fuckin' trip and what we used to do was, me and Mantas used to hook up and we were writing material, then would get together with Abaddon and rehearse it. But everybody was off, being fuckin' rockstars, so it didn't happen like that. So, when we came to do the album, everybody was looking at me, saying 'What have you got?' And I just felt like... well, fuck this! So we didn't get the chance to rehearse the tracks as well as should have, we didn't get the chance to play any of the tracks live, which we always used to do before we recorded them, at least set-up some kind of mock gigs... so we could like... we found out mistakes like with 'Seven Gates...', I mean the studio version isn't quite as fast a the comfortable speed that that song should be... maybe more than on the Hammersmith video... it's a bit slower on the single. It's by mistakes like that, that you learn! So, if you can play the songs through enough, you find out what speed the track wants to be. But we didn't get the chance to do that with "Possessed"! In my book the "Possessed" album would've been the demos and then we could've went and rehearsed it and recorded it again!
- Cronos / Venom interview, Voices from the Darkside #9, 1996

I'm probably a day late for the "on this day", because some of the posters also said:

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