33 Years Ago: BLACK FLAG, RATTUS, HAGAR THE WOMB live in Leeds

An all-day punk festival at The Bierkeller, Leeds on this day in 1984. It proved tough to find much information about this concert, headlined by BLACK FLAG, but some excellent footage has survived.

The complete BLACK FLAG set is available and one of their best. Just a few weeks before they recorded Slip It In.
Lineup: Greg Ginn, Kira Roessler, Bill Stevenson and Henry Rollins.

Black Flag, Bierkeller, Leeds, 19 May 1984
Rattus, Bierkeller, Leeds, 19 May 1984
Stagnant Era, Bierkeller, Leeds, 19 May 1984

These last two are, I think, from the same night. The great HAGAR THE WOMB and Devon's CULT MANIAX. The clips were filmed at the Bierkeller in 84, the background looks a little different but both did play at the all-dayer, and spot the BLACK FLAG road cases.

Hagar The Womb, Bierkeller, Leeds, 19 May 1984
Cult Maniax, Bierkeller, Leeds, 19 May 1984

All filmed by Jettisoundz.
The band list from William John Bentham's Jettisoundz diary:
Black Flag / Nighiest / Cult Maniacs / Hagar the Womb / Newtown Neurotics / Bleed / Rattus / Crucified by Christians / Chronic / Stagnant Era / 13 Horses Legs - Bierkeller Leeds

Band list from Shit-fi:
Black Flag, Hagar The Womb, Mau Maus, Newtown Neurotics, Rattus, Cult Maniax, Nig Heist, The Bleed, 13 Horses Legs, Chronic, Crucified By Christians, Stagnant Era, The Abused, Obesa, Genocide Association.