33 Years Ago: VENOM release the Warhead single

Daily Noise - / 2017

33 Years Ago: VENOM release the Warhead single

Released on this day in 1984. Both the 7" and 12" included this song, Lady Lust. The 12" also has Seven Gates of Hell.

The single debuted at #3 in the Heavy Metal charts.

Listen below to Side 2 of the Nightmare cassette. It opens with a short clip of Mike Reid introducing the Warhead single on his Radio 1 show after being challenged by Tommy Vance on his programme.

Rush out and buy for your granny now, she's dying to get hold of a copy. It's at number 15 in our current rock and metal singles chart. That record is by Venom it is called Warhead. I'd give a £100 to the charity of his choice if Mike Reid would play that on the breakfast show. But I doubt that he will.

If some of you want to go and make a cup of tea...

If you continue listening, the tape has a track called True Venom Legions Answerphone Message. As you can hear, VENOM diehards leaving telephone messages!
A bunch of these are about the Birmingham Odeon and, if it is mid-1985, the World Possession (Part 2) Tour problems and cancellations. Most of the early dates were cancelled but the Brum Odeon did go ahead on 6 October.

Mark, on these messages, mentions VENOM being on ECT (Channel 4), here's what he was talking about: