34 Years Ago: CORONER record Death Cult

Daily Noise - / 2019

34 Years Ago: CORONER record Death Cult

Killer demo! CORONER finished recording the Death Cult demo on this day in 1985 at Magnetix Studio. Joining Ron Royce, Tommy T. Baron and Marquis Marky is session vocalist (and lyricist) Tom G. Warrior (CELTIC FROST)!

...there was a music shop in Zurichwhere we used to meet up.

Some other guys who used to hang out there were the CELTIC FROST guys. I knew Martin Eric Ain pretty well back then. The Swiss metal scene was on the rise at the time. New bands everywhere, all the time. Really amazing.

Ron Royce and Tommy Baron / Coroner interview, Oldschool Metal Maniac, 2016

Warrior had just completed recording the CELTIC FROST debut LP To Mega Therion that September, it was released a week from now (27 October).