34 Years Ago: ORIGINAL SIN record Sin Will Find You Out

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34 Years Ago: ORIGINAL SIN record Sin Will Find You Out

ORIGINAL SIN recorded Sin Will Find You Out on this day in 1986 at Sonic Sound Studios, Freeport, New York.

Marketed as all-female band, the truth is the music was performed by Edward Pursino and Joe O'Reilly of VIRGIN STEELE with Mark Edwards on drums and Danielle Draconis (sister of VIRGiN STEELE vocalist David DeFeis) on vocals.

She sounds great on the record. She was in a rock band and sang Robert Plant, Black Sabbath, well everything under the sun really. She has a very versatile voice. She is still singing.

ORIGINAL SIN was one of several bands involving VIRGIN STEELE members in 1986 - the others being PILEDRIVER and EXORCIST - formed at the behest of their management.

Our manager at the time was like “you guys owe me money, you have to do this for me”. It was one of those deals. It was creative and any chance I get to be creative, I take it, regardless of what the principle behind it may be sometimes.

[Original Sin was] more of the same, well exactly the same. It was the same reasons why we did it. It was like ”you owe me money”. We did all these albums basically around the same time. This one was going to be female fronted so I got my sister on vocals. She had a fun time singing all those crazy lyrics. The music on that record was recorded in one day and then she came in, either the same day or the day after, did the vocals and then we mixed it. That was like two and a half days’ worth of work, but in a better studio. We were doing the vocals the night the Challenger shuttle blew up. That’s what I remember from those sessions, watching that on the news.

A note on the dates: the most recent reissue gives 25-26 January as the recording dates, but the Challenger shuttle exploded on the 28th, so it's possible the dates are off, or vocals were recorded a couple of days later rather than the next day.

Two ORIGINAL SIN songs - "Conjuration of the Watcher" and "Succubus" were re-recorded for VIRGIN STEELE's 2002 album The Book of Burning.

...we thought they were cool songs that if they were done by Virgin Steele people would enjoy them. I sat down by the piano and came up with that crazy middle section we put in ”Conjuration of the Watcher”, we recorded it and it turned out really well. I think we actually did that and Piledriver’s ”The Fire God” on the same day although they appear on different records.