34 Years Ago: TANK release This Means War (NWOBHM)

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34 Years Ago: TANK release This Means War (NWOBHM)

Just Like Something from Hell

Ward, Tucker, Brabbs & Brabbs!

This Means War - TANK's third album - came out on this day in 1983, an early Music for Nations release.

"Noce Szatana" from KAT's classic 666 bears a pretty striking similarity to TANK's "Just like Something from Hell" from this album, their third. KAT did record "Noce Szatana" back in 1984, but I think it's fair to say the boys from London (by way of Surrey, Middlesbrough) get credit for this one.

"Noce Szatana" is not a copy though, they took a killer (new wave of) British heavy metal riff and turned it into a dark speed metal blast!

Kat - Noce Szatana. Recorded a year or two before the 666 album, released as a b-side to Ostatni Tabor - their first release!
Kat - Noce Szatana. Album version.