35 Years Ago: Cogumelo Release Warfare Noise Compilation 35 Years Ago: Cogumelo Release Warfare Noise Compilation

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35 Years Ago: Cogumelo Release Warfare Noise Compilation

With Warfare Noise I, Brazil and - in a way - the rest of world, paid more attention to Belo Horizonte. The bands were really good at the musical level. Of course, things weren't so great when it came to organization. Most bands here didn't have that entrepreneur vision they should have had. Sepultura was one of the first bands to have that ambition. The bands that were part of the first Warfare Noise were bands that came to our store all the time. We knew them from the festivals, we knew their demo tapes, we sold their tapes in our store... So, we had an idea of which bands sold more demos. Our guideline for Warfare Noise I was: "which bands are the important ones, that deserve to be in such a compilation?". And the release was kind of surprising.

João Eduardo de Faria interview, 2005

The legendary Warfare Noise compilation was released by Cogumelo Records on this day in 1986. The first major release by four Belo Horizonte bands: CHAKAL, MUTILATOR, SARCÓFAGO, and HOLOCAUSTO.

The release of Sepultura's Morbid Visions, and Warfare Noise, caught a lot of attention. At the time, besides Germany and the US, there weren't as many metal bands with that potential anywhere else in the world. Overdose didn't jump in back then. They were a band with a different kind of structure, and unlike Sepultura, who agreed to record Morbid Visions with us right away, Overdose went looking for other labels to release their material. The following year, in 1987, we started to work on each band's record because of the demand for Warfare Noise. Everyone was asking about their albums, and those bands had the potential to record LPs. So, in sequence, we released Holocausto, Mutilator, Sarcófago and Chakal. Sepultura's record came out at the end of the year, which was Schizophrenia, in 1987.

João Eduardo de Faria interview, Reddit, 2005

The following year each band released their debut LP through Cogumelo. All four classics! In order: HOLOCAUSTO - Campo de Extermínio, MUTILATOR - Immortal Force, SARCÓFAGO - I.N.R.I., CHAKAL - Abominable Anno Domini.

COGUMELO was preparing for the selection of bands to launch a collection, and Vladimir Korg (CHAKAL) worked in COGUMELO and at that time CHAKAL and HOLOCAUSTO rehearsed in the same place, one band after another and our relationship of friendship extended beyond rehearsals. So Wladimir told the owners of the COGUMELO (PATTI and JOÃO) that it would be interesting to invite HOLOCAUSTO to make a demo tape and it was.

Valério Exterminator / Holocausto interview, Cult to Our Darkest Past, 2017