35 Years Ago: CONFLICT release It's Time to See Who's Who

Daily Noise - / 2018

35 Years Ago: CONFLICT release It's Time to See Who's Who

Eltham's CONFLICT released their debut album during this month in 1983. It's Time to See Who's Who was originally released on Corpus Christi Records.

Formed by members of CRASS and Southern's John Loder in 1982, Corpus Christi was an outlet for bands that did not necessarily fit on the Crass Records label.

The idea was to allow successful Crass label bands to set up a separate deal with John Loder, under Crass' guidance... Corpus Christi enabled bands to speak out in other directions such as when Crass disagreed with Conflict on their interpretation of sexism: almost a reversal of the usual attitudes of men towards women.
- Penny Rimbaud / Crass interview, No Class

Within a year or two complications set in... many rumours and stories; but the end result was CONFLICT deciding to re-record most of this album in November 1985. That recording wasn't released until 1994!

The cover artwork is a detail of Chairing the Member, the fourth plate from Hogarth's brilliant The Humours of an Election series (1755). Engraving prints are on display at the Victoria & Albert, London.

Highly recommend reading about these painting, an excellent piece of English history and political satire. Here's Ian Hislop (Private Eye, etc) on the first in the series, An Election Entertainment: