35 Years Ago: HALLOWS EVE release Tales of Terror 35 Years Ago: HALLOWS EVE release Tales of Terror

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35 Years Ago: HALLOWS EVE release Tales of Terror

A couple of years ago, when we started playing [in Atlanta], there wasn't anything happening, but as time went on, they finally caught on to what we were doing. The first time we played in Atlanta, they never saw or heard anything like us, and these people weren't even aware of Metallica, or anything like that, like Anthrax. These people had no idea who these people were, and I remember the first time we played Atlanta, everybody stood there with their mouths open. They asked us what we were doing; after the show was over, they still didn't understand the concept of metal at all.

Tommy Stewart / Hallows Eve interview, Metal Core #2, 1987

HALLOWS EVE released their debut album, Tales of Terror, on this day in 1985.

The song entitled "Hallow's Eve including Routine" tells the story of the album and defines the band. It is a four section song. Part 1 tells that we are Hallow's Eve and mean to bring you "Tales of terror". Literally our songs are to tell little horror stories or at least a snapshot of a little deadly moment. Then part 2 of the Hallow's Eve is a story I wrote called "Routine". Part 3 says there was your example and part 4 says what I am and that were coming to you. That's what the band is, basically short horror moments set to music, all based on personal experience. Defined!

Tommy Stewart / Hallows Eve interview, Mirgilus

It's a style, we could have done it as Hardrock, but I like to go as hard as possible. I think we have obvious Punk influences as in 'There Are No Rules'...

Tommy Stewart / Hallows Eve interview, Voices from the Darkside

I've always found writing a song to be a very personal experience and so has Stacy. I think a person should write all of his lyrics and if possible the music too in order to get to the essence of the feel in that person at the time. Actually, we are trying to write together a little more from now on. Stacy and I have collaborated for the first time recently.

Tommy Stewart / Hallows Eve interview, Blackthorn #5, 1987

I left the band after Tales Of Terror was recorded. It was not because I was pissed at my bandmates or anything like that. It was musical direction and I was young and stubborned. I always considered myself to not be a good guitarist, but a sadistic guitarist. That is how I play my instrument and write my songs. I wanted the music to become more evil and dark and extremely fast and aggressive. I am no means knocking on what Tommy, Stacy, David and Ron were doing, we just had different styles. My influences come from bands such as Celtic Frost, Mayhem, Venom and the mighty Bathory.

Skully / Hallows Eve interview, Metal Temple, 2004