35 Years Ago: MOTORHEAD release Iron Fist (flying hooves don't touch the ground)

MOTÖRHEAD released their fifth studio LP - Iron Fist - on this day in 1982. It would be the last MOTÖRHEAD album with Fast Eddie Clarke, who also co-produced the recording. Any quotes from the band are usually negative towards this album, personally it's one of my favourites! Got a little taste, gotta get some more!

One single, the title track b/w Remember Me I'm Gone, was released at the beginning of the month (3 April).

But Iron Fist was not the record to follow up an album that went straight in at No. 1. To be honest, we were screwed anyway. No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith was live, and you can't follow up a live album that sold the way No Sleep did. We wound up getting a lot of mixed reviews, which didn't surprise me in the least. It did surprise Eddie, who produced it with Will Reid Dick, and I think it broke his heart in a way. But the record didn't do too badly sales-wise. It peaked at No. 4 - no as good as our previous couple of releases, but still quite respectable.
- Lemmy, White Line Fever

...prancing about in a wood in South Mimms as opposed to prancing about in South Mimms dressed as cowboy idiots...
- Lemmy, Iron Fist tour programme