35 Years Ago: SEPULTURA release Morbid Visions

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35 Years Ago: SEPULTURA release Morbid Visions

Totally different from the EP, it was recorded in a 16 track studio and we had a week to record it. The songs are faster & heavier than those on the EP. And the production is also much better. So I can tell you it has everything to be the Death Metal album of the year in '86 here in Brazil. The only thing we want now is to have it released world-wide.

...we think our songs sounds great. And I think they are as good as those bands from outside of Brazil. I can say that's easier that people become surprised with us 'cause we are from the land of three shits: samba (AAARRRGGGGHHHHH!) coffee and sugar.

Max Cavalera / Sepultura interview, Slayer #5, 1987

SEPULTURA released Morbid Visions through Cogumelo on this day in 1986. Classic from Brazil, one of the eternal greats!

Sepultura, 1986

Our next LP will be called "Morbid Visions". It will be 8 songs, one being instrumental. It will be much better recorded; our first one was recorded only on eight tracks, and the songs are all on a higher level, they're faster and heavier. We've got a better production work, so we will sound much bigger on this LP. Late August we started recording, we recorded one week in Sao Paulo, and the album should be out in October.

The new songs are "Morbid Visions", "Mayhem", "Crucifixion", "Funeral Rites", "Troops Of Doom", "War", "Show Me The Wrath", and "Empire Of The Damned".

Well, I think South America should promote more its metal. It's already time for the South American bands to start showing they have potential like those from Germany, Denmark,... I've received letters from people from the U.S.A. interested in what is going on in Brazil, and I think for Argentina and Chile, too.

Max Cavalera / Sepultura interview, Blowing Thrash #3, 1986

I'm not ashamed of the lyric. I think in that time it was a complement for the songs, we didn't give a fuck in that time for lyrics... I don't like the lyrics, but it's the thing that was happening that time, so I'm not ashamed of nothing I did before y'know. I don't like people that: "I'm ashamed of that, I'm ashamed of that....". I think the time we did was good enough to make the band, make some noise & make people hear about us...

Max Cavalera / Sepultura interview, Hypnosia #2, 1989
Sepultura, 1986