35 Years Ago: THE EXPLOITED release Troops of Tomorrow

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35 Years Ago: THE EXPLOITED release Troops of Tomorrow

I've only found one source that gives this specific release date for Troops of Tomorrow. Even the month is excluded for other listings. The best reliable source is an NME review from the 26 June issue, so mid-June is probably a more realistic date...

They Won't Stop

THE EXPLOITED released their second album somewhere around this time in 1982.

Apart from its marvellous cover, which depicts "an Escape From New York vision of a desolated city where punk can express its essential nature of youth anarchy" (a highly revealing bit of blurb, that one), The Exploited's second album is undistinguished by any personal birthmarks.
- Barney Hoskyns, New Musical Express, 26 June 1982

It's the same ideas but musically it's better. We had more time to work on it than we did the first LP. Better conditions to record it in. Like, the first LP we done in three and a half days and it cost six hundred pounds. It wasn't very good.
- Big John, New Mania #6 1982

This record was a big influence on early BATHORY.