35 Years Ago: VULCANO release Bloody Vengeance 35 Years Ago: VULCANO release Bloody Vengeance

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35 Years Ago: VULCANO release Bloody Vengeance

In the very beginning of the 80's there was a small scene into the most radical way to do heavy metal. It was a transition from 70's heavy metal to N.W.O.B.H.M. and it happened a mix with British punk, too. That situation was the fuel in inert state and the ignition was the oppression of military dictatorship and the catholic church. Those two situations together gave life to heavy metal more aggressive with themes about satanism, war and liber sex. When finally the songs of Venom arrived here, wow! It was a boom!

Zhema Rodero / Vulcano interview, Rattle Inc, 2021

VULCANO released their legendary second LP, Bloody Vengeance, on this day in 1986!

Vulcano never had money available and it is still true today, so it was necessary to record and mix in the shortest possible time. I remember we started recording on a Saturday at noon and finished it on Sunday night, obviously we took a break to rest. I also remember that the album was very short, just over twenty minutes, so Carli Cooper and I wrote the track Voices from Hell and asked for help the guys from the band Golpe de Estado who came to visit us and I used their voices to produce that song. It is also a fact that the title song, Bloody Vengeance was recorded with the lights off and only candlelight to get that atmosphere.

Zhema Rodero / Vulcano interview, Rattle Inc, 2021

Bloody Vengeance was recorded in 24 hours. We didn't have enough money to do that, so we needed to give the better of us for record it. The final mix was poor and the sound in general wasn't good. We recorded that album playing together the same time, maybe that was the reason of the brutal result of that album.

Zhema Rodero / Vulcano interview, Metal Rules, 2004

That album benefited from being original and different from what the bands were composing at that time. Regarding the length of the album it was something of mine, I really believe that an album cannot exceed 32 min. not to become bored.

Zhema Rodero / Vulcano interview, Rattle Inc, 2021

We did a lot of gigs and festivals in that time. We got a good result with the album, a fact that allowed me to produce great Festival here in São Paulo. I brought Sepultura, Dorsal Atlântica and many other bands to share the stage with us. Festival da Morte was an event produced by Mutilator's Silvio SDN in Belo Horizonte in 1986. Vulcano was a headliner and played Guerrilha which I think was a project of the guys from Sepultura. The next day we travelled together with Sepultura back to São Paulo because they were going to record Morbid Visions.

Zhema Rodero / Vulcano interview, Rattle Inc, 2021

From Metalion's write-up from Slayer #5, 1987:

The cover of the lp "Bloody Vengeance" shows the interior of a catholic church, representing middle ages authoritarism, burning in fire & the priest fallen down. Showing today that today that the dogma of the fearing religion are broken. The themes presented very clearly declare tat today there are no more fear of light, nor fear of darkness. What really excists is the atomic fear. The fear of knowing that a few powerful have our destiny in their hands. (Don't think that I found up these last few lines, it's stolen directly from their bio!!) VOLCANO has very big respect for their fans and they want to play for everyone. They don't care if they are going to play for 8 guys or 8000 guys. They will play for anyone anyehere, and that's a good attitude to take. They guys are now writing trax for their third lp which should be out sometime in '87. I hope that one of the European labels will be so smart to license some of the lp'es released on ROCK BRIGADE RECORDS. Because it's pretty fuckin' hard to get hold of lp'es from Brazil in Europe.

This year the band recorded their first studio LP, entitled "Bloody Vengeance". After listening to the advance tape I really shocked, because now VULCANO is at least twice as fast, heavy, and brutal. Songs like "Dominios Of Death", "Spirits Of Evil", and "Holocaust", have speed comparable to U.S. death metal, with thrashing rhythm changes and dirty vocals which are spewed out savagely by Angel. VULCANO really destroys now.

Blowing Thrash #3, 1986