36 Years Ago: SIN 34, FEAR live in Los Angeles

Daily Noise - / 2020

36 Years Ago: SIN 34, FEAR live in Los Angeles

$7.50 in advance, $8.50 at the door...

FEAR, CIRCLE JERKS, VANDALS, SIN 34 (killer!) TOXIC REASONS and AFFLICTED played at the Olympic Auditorium on this day in 1984.

Organised by Goldenvoice and, at least some it, filmed. Footage of FEAR and SIN 34 exists (watch below!) unfortunately both cut short.

...I was not looking thirty years into the future at that point. Those were dense times, a lot of stuff happened in a short amount of time. It was a very creative period in retrospect. I suppose I was one of the lucky one; I survived the pit. I took the best of it with me: the work ethic, the focus, the commitment, and the galvanization I felt from all of it. In a way it makes perfect sense that people want to look back and figure out what this was all about, since no one really knew at the time.

Dave Markey / Sin 34 interview, Noisey, 2012

The photo above was taken by Alison Braun, visit her website here and be sure to follow the link to her facebook page with its growing photo archive of early 80s-90s punk and metal shows!