37 Years Ago: THE GUN CLUB release Miami

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37 Years Ago: THE GUN CLUB release Miami

Don't go walkin' slow, the Devil's on the loose.

THE GUN CLUB released their second album, Miami, on this day in 1982.

The Gun Club - Mother of Earth

Miami was recorded at Blank Tape Studios, New York; produced by BLONDIE guitarist Chris Stein. Stein released Miami, and the next two GUN CLUB records, through his short-lived label Animal Records. Animal released the next two GUN CLUB records, IGGY POP's Zombie Birdhouse, and a few other titles before being forced to close in 1984 due to Stein's battle with pemphigus vulgaris, from which he recovered.

Chris Stein is not the only BLONDIE connection. GUN CLUB founder, guitarist and vocalist Jeffrey Lee Pierce was president of the West Coast Blondie fan club in the late 70s, and Debbie Harry performs backing vocals on several songs.

The Gun Club - Brother and Sister (Debbie Harry backing vocals)

Bassist Rob Ritter left before the release of Miami to concentrate on his other band, 45 GRAVE. He was replaced by Ritter's ex-THE BAGS bandmade Patricia Morrison (later of SISTERS OF MERCY and THE DAMNED) in time for their August 1982 tour.

I knew he had a difficult reputation. Actually the first time I met him I had a go at him. My resounding memory is him making baked beans in one of my pans and scraping it with a fork and ruining it. But the songs on Miami were amazing, so I decided to have a go.

Patricia Morrison interview, Mojo, 2005
The Gun Club live in Paris, 1982