37 Years Ago: THE GYMSLIPS record their first Peel session 37 Years Ago: THE GYMSLIPS record their first Peel session

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37 Years Ago: THE GYMSLIPS record their first Peel session

THE GYMSLIPS recorded their first Peel session on this day in 1982. The first of two that year, followed by two more in 1983 and one in 1984!

At this point the band was less than a year old; they had supported DOLLY MIXTURE, ANDROIDS OF MU and ROCK GODDESS on tour, and contributed a song to the Making Waves compilation.

All the time we've been together we've been working really hard, we had to 'ave bank loans to keep going and get our gear... I HATE bands who have it easy, don't do no gigs and walk straight into a major company, I've got no respect for people like that. We've paid our dues, done the lousy gigs... and y'know what, we still don't get any decent groupies. We only get wallies - not hunks. They're nice blokes but no-one you could really go for. No-one like my Winnie...

Suzanne Scott / The Gympslips interview, Sounds, 1983

"48 Crash" (Suzi Quatro cover)
"Erika (with a k)" (this is about Erika Roe streaking at the January 1982 England/Australia rugby game and the press reaction)
"Big Sister"

"48 Crash" was released as their debut single in 1982, but 1983 was their most prolific year with two more singles (including "Big Sister") and two LPs! "Renees" was recorded for the first album, Rocking With The Renees, released in April 1983.

They don't know how to put us across, they don't know what we are. A couple of record companies said 'What's their image? What sort of music do they want to play?' We said we want to play what we play. They said 'That's neither one thing nor the other.' Unless you're really ultra-feminine or reggae or something they can't do anything with you, whereas with bloke bands they just fit into a category.
We don't want to be remembered as a girl band when we split up, we want to be remembered as a band.

Paula Richards / The Gympslips interview, NME, 1983