38 Years Ago: BRATS (pre-MERCYFUL FATE) release 1980 38 Years Ago: BRATS (pre-MERCYFUL FATE) release 1980

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38 Years Ago: BRATS (pre-MERCYFUL FATE) release 1980

BRATS began as a punk rock band in Copenhagen, 1977. The earliest material is good but not remarkable.

Guitarists Hank Shermann and Michael Denner (and briefly Carsten Van der Volsing) soon began incorporating their heavy metal influences - JUDAS PRIEST, SCORPIONS and UFO.

BRATS released their only LP - 1980 - on this day in 1980. They were never quite a punk band playing heavy metal but came close on "Tame Me" and "Complex". Good hard rock songs, some great punk songs and a couple of moments directly foreshadowing the oncoming MERCYFUL FATE masterpieces! By late 1980 King Diamond would join, Denner left, and eventually BRATS split. Immediately MERCYFUL FATE formed.

And then consider... within a year of this album, Shermann (with Van der Volsing and Benny Petersen) will have recorded demos of classic MERCYFUL FATE songs. Another year and Denner would rejoin to record the immortal masterpiece Mercyful Fate (Nuns have no fun)!

BRATS' 1980 is a very good album and the origins of legendary figures in heavy, thrash, and black metal!