38 Years Ago: RITUAL release Mind Disease

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38 Years Ago: RITUAL release Mind Disease

Great roaring post-punk with an abrasive sax, horror themes, and frantic drumming, especially on "Mind Disease." "Nine" is more arty and hence less effective, but these guys have real potential. For early KILLING JOKE fans.

Maximum Rocknroll #3, 1982

RITUAL released the Mind Disease 7" on this day in 1982 through Red Flame Records.

The band had previously only released a tape, Songs for a Dead King.

We sent about sixty tapes to every independent label. We got about ten replies, out of which two people were interested. Peter Kent of Situation 2 Records and Ivo from 4AD.

Ritual interview, 1981

An EP - Kangaroo Court - followed in February 1983 but by March the band had split. Drummer Ray Mondo and guitarist Jamie Stewart would join the newly-formed DEATH CULT and record the eponymous EP later that year.