40 Years Ago: ACCEPT release Breaker

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40 Years Ago: ACCEPT release Breaker

In 1981, we recorded and released "Breaker" which brought us fame in Europe, an important contribution having the open-tour for Judas Priest. Since then, all was great as albums and tours, though over the years we confronted with some changes of band members.

Accept interview, Heavy Metal Magazine, 1996

ACCEPT released their third LP, Breaker, on this day in 1981.

I know most of [the thrash metal bands] from Germany, and they always come up and say they were really inspired by the Breaker album. And also Restless and Wild, with "Fast as a Shark" - we didn't know at the time that we were recording it, that it was the first speed metal song ever. So yeah, this is very interesting. I met Mille [Petrozza] from Kreator, and he said "I was standing in the first row when Accept was on the Breaker tour and the Restless and Wild tour." And also Kai Hansen from Gamma Ray - a lot of bands and singers especially have said they were inspired by Accept.

Udo Dirkschneider / Accept interview, Burning Ambulance, 2015