40 Years Ago: MISFITS record 3 Hits from Hell

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40 Years Ago: MISFITS record 3 Hits from Hell

THE MISFITS began recording 3 Hits from Hell on this day in 1980 at Master Sound Productions, Franklin Square, New York. Mixing was completed a month later. By that time guitarist Bobby Steele had been replaced by Doyle. Each song was recorded in one take with overdubs added later. Steele recorded three guitar tracks - two rhythm, one lead - Doyle added an additional guitar track to most songs. On 3 Hits from Hell Doyle recorded additional guitar for "Horror Hotel" and "Ghouls Night Out"; producer Robbie Alter recorded additional guitar for "London Dungeon".

The remaining songs from the Master Sound sessions can be found on the 1996 4-disc Misfits boxset.

The complete session was remixed by Caroline Records in 2001 for the aborted 12 Hits from Hell album. Release was cancelled after band objections over the mix and artwork.

3 Hits from Hell was released in April 1981 by Plan 9; 10,000 copies pressed. The promotional poster displayed their new Famous Monsters logo.

3 Hits from Hell promotional poster, Spring 1981