40 Years Ago: POISON GIRLS record Hex 40 Years Ago: POISON GIRLS record Hex

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40 Years Ago: POISON GIRLS record Hex

When I was a little girl, before I discovered that I don't have to go on being a little girl, I was very frightened by anger. I spent a long time in my adolescence and young womanhood feeling that I wasn't angry, that I looked down on people who were angry, that I'd achieved some kind of a clear state. And looking back now at the things I was putting up with at the time, I was seething angry, I was shit-hot angry! And a lot of the anger that I can draw on now is anger that I can remember. I feel like I was frightened by anger, I felt that anger was somehow ugly, almost obscene, for a woman. When my mother was angry, it was very frightening. When my father was angry, it was somehow O.K., he had a right to be angry. And men have images of anger which are - well, we find it hard to get away from images of angry men, the threatening men prowling around, but what about our anger!

Vi Subversa / Poison Girls interview, Kick It Over #14, 1985

POISON GIRLS recorded Hex at Southern Studios during this month in 1979. Engineered by John Loder, produced by Penny Rimbaud (CRASS). First released by Xn trix / Small Wonder in 1979 then reissued by Crass Records in 1981.

Vi Subversa, 1935-2016