40 Years Ago: THE DAMNED record their fourth Peel session

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40 Years Ago: THE DAMNED record their fourth Peel session

Get down and bogey!

THE DAMNED recorded their fourth John Peel session on this day in 1979. First aired on the 29 October programme alongside KILLING JOKE's debut session which they recorded a few days prior to this.

We're going to start this week in a stirring fashion with a new session, their fourth I think, from the Damned. Plus the debut of Killing Joke. You've heard their record, so stay where you are for their session - should be very good.

Machine Gun Etiquette, the third DAMNED album, would be released a couple of weeks later on 2 November. The first two songs from this session were singles, taken from Machine Gun Etiquette, both released that September.

The amusing thing was quite a few other people had heard that the Damned were in, and every now and again we got people creeping in through the door, looking in through the window to see if they were being sick all over the place or spitting at us. Which they weren't at all, of course; they were four of the nicest blokes I ever got to work with.

Jeff Griffin, In Session Tonight by Ken Garner, 1993