40 Years Ago: THE MOB record Crying Again 40 Years Ago: THE MOB record Crying Again

Daily Noise - / 2019

40 Years Ago: THE MOB record Crying Again

At long last THE MOB have finally released this non-masterpiece
Written over 2 years ago and recorded over 6 months ago on Nov. 5 1979 at the Crypt Stevenage. Due to continuous problems at the pressing plant namely Orlake, it was finally pressed at Sound Manufacturing of High Wycombe who were much more helpful and who we would recommend to any one else wanting to do an independent release, unlike the unhelpful Orlake.
The MOB are Mark, guitar, vocals, words, Graham,drums,backing vocals, and Curtis, bass, pisshead and backing vocals.
Many, many thanks must go to Max who supplied all the cash which we must pay back soon, tomorrow hey Max.
Also thanx to Grant Showbiz who mixed it, All The Madmen who are selling selling it, Acorn Records, Geoff, Criss and everyone who remembers the black van,and those that don't.

THE MOB recorded their first release, Crying Again b/w Youth, on this day in 1979. First released as a 7" in 1979, this single was reissued as a 12" in 1986 with three live songs on the b-side.