44 Years Ago: PENTAGRAM record Hurricane b/w Earth Flight in Falls Church, VA

Some of the earliest PENTAGRAM material. Recorded on this day in 1973 at Bias Recording Studios in Falls Church, VA where they had put together a 5-song demo in March. "Released" in 1973 on Boffo Socko as either a very limited or just promotional single.

Only "Hurricane" has made it to official compilations/reissues. "Earth Flight" was re-recorded in 1974 at the National Sound Warehouse and appears on First Daze Here along with the original "Hurricane".

Some disputed trivia about this song:
PENTAGRAM had rehearsed for KISS in 1975 and were offered a large amount of money to sell the songs "Hurricane" and "Starlady". This would mean signing over writing credits. They didn't:

I wrote "Hurricane" alone, and I wrote "Starlady" with one of the lead guitar players, Randy Palmer, who was from the early Pentagram years. At the time, it was more up to me because I owned the name Pentagram, and I wrote a majority of the songs. Back then, it was selling out, and I wouldn't sell out then. I was still a hungry young lion.
- Bobby Liebling / Pentagram interview, 2010