Liner notes: Ashaena - Calea

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Liner notes: Ashaena - Calea

Written by: Cosmin "Hultanu" Duduc

  1. Tapae 87

    The tune that opens the album is the most aggressive song. It describes one of the biggest battles in our Romanian ancient history, between the Dacians and the Roman Empire. In 87 A.D. Dacians has won this great battle, totally vanquishing that Roman legion and capturing their flags and all their stuff.

  2. Calea

    The song that gives the album title as well is about our ancestors. Is somehow an ode to them, a way to praise them and glory them through this song.

  3. Tara Berladnicilor

    It is an instrumental song. Perhaps the most folklore infused one, thanks to the all kind of flutes that were recorded by our friend Andrei Oltean. Is a tune inspired from several folk tunes from our birth zone.

  4. Crapat di Cer

    This song evokes a huge, epic storm but its meaning stands in understanding the nature around you and make it a part of yourself.

  5. Spirit - Sageata

    Maybe the most cryptic song, lyrics wise. The song has a Kabbalistic structure and its lyrics are based on the ascension along the Sephiroth. Of course, the metaphors make a big part of the lyrics and again I have intertwined the Kabbalistic concepts with some concepts from our Romanian mythology. The song title refers to the Spirit- Arrow analogy, comparing the seeker of knowledge's spirit to an arrow launched towards the sky.

  6. Zbor Insetat

    This one is somehow, lyrics wise, an obvious continuation of the one above. "Thirsty flight". The spirit is thirsty for knowledge and he walks/fly along the paths of acquiring this knowledge.

  7. Mos Urs

    The Old Bear is definitely my totemic animal. The song is about the bear image and symbolism in the Romanian Folklore and Mythology. This song is one of my favs from all that I ever made.