Liner notes: Creatures - Le Noir Village

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Liner notes: Creatures - Le Noir Village

Written by Sparda.

  1. L'Horreur des Lunes Pleines

    It all begins in the twelfth-century countryside village of Le Cloaric, where Lothaire is a farmer. He explains his job to his ten-years-old son, suddenly his wife Théodora tells them to come quick back home for the night is falling. Lothaire knows that during these full-moon nights he becomes a Werewolf, so he hides himself in the nearby Forest of "Eberulf" to avoid hurting his family after changing in a man-wolf. After being altered and unconscious, he runs to Le Cloaric village to feed. The beast he has turned into enters a random home and kills Rodéric and his baby in front of his wife and mother Éléonore who survives. The Wolf then goes back to the Eberulf Forest to change back as Lothaire.

  2. Cadavre Abandonné

    The Priest of the village says a prayer for Rodéric's burial. Some weeks later, his corpse mysteriously comes back to life and roams in Le Cloaric in search of explanations. Why does not his wife Éléonore cry on his tomb? When he finds their home, Éléonore is peacefully sleeping in her bed. But the living-dead is suddenly attacked by a mysterious Monster. Rodéric dies for the second time before he could talk to his wife: but this time for good, as zombie.

  3. Martyre d'un Tanneur

    Grimoald is a tanner with a murky past. All the suspicions lead the Priest to accuse him of being the man hidden as a wolf who killed Rodéric and his son. He tries to defend himself but his trial ends with his imprisonment in a jail. When Grimoald dies seven years later, an Angel appears and orders him to go back to the village as a Ghost to prove his innocence. Grimoald finds that Lothaire was the true Werewolf and he decides to bestow his pardon to the Priest who falsly accused him. The Angel finally accepts him in paradise.

  4. A l'Orée du Mal, le Pacte Interdit

    This story takes place 40 years before the previous songs. Alaric was a very sad man, he was in love with Éléonore, a married woman. Desperate, he performs an ancient ritual in the Eberulf Forest which summons a Devil. Alaric asks him to enchant Éléonore. But the Devil tricked Alaric and replaced his soul with a wolf's one in exchange. Thus, he and his descendants (including his future son Lothaire from 1st song) will transform as Werewolves at full-moon nights.

  5. Il était un Monstre Assoiffé de Cœur

    A mysterious castle dominates the Eberulf Forest. It houses a Vampire who wakes up every hundred years to drink the blood of villagers. But one day he gets in the widowed Éléonore's house and instantly fall in love with her. Then every night he visits her and watches her sleeping, unable to drink her blood. One night, the living-dead Rodéric enters the house, so the Vampire kills the Zombie to protect his lover. Unfortunately, biting a rotten corpse is harmful for him and he dies on the floor. Thus revealing from another point of view the facts of song 2.

  6. Sous le Visage Avenant de la Mort

    The Angel visits Éléonore to hear the lament of this poor woman. The Angel accuses her of being responsible of the death of her previous husband, Alaric. She answers that she just wanted to protect her child Lothaire, because Alaric wanted to kill his "cursed son". The Angel admits he watched Éléonore for ages and found there was something wrong with her: she never grows old and looks eternal. Éléonore confesses to being the Angel's opposite. She is the Death, the Evil that always struck Le Cloaric village.