Liner notes: Forgjord - Uhripuu

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Liner notes: Forgjord - Uhripuu

Written by: Valgrinder

First of all this record is the most personal record I've ever written. Didn't know it then but when creation process started to live its own life, I realized that this isn't "just another Förgjord record". It represents awakening, rising from the flames of putrefaction. As its said on the first pages: "When I woke up, I could see through everything that isn't important. I realized that dying is not the end but beginning of the all."
It took awhile to even realize that it is me on the cover drawing, tied to that tree. This record presents my sacrifice, offering my life to the greater meaning.

  1. Johdanto

  2. Uhripuu

    In old Finnish tradition there were Uhripuu's ("sacrificial trees") in many villages where people offered goods to ancient gods/nature. It wasn't important how big that offering was, but how important it was to its giver. So in our uhripuu there hang lives of people who have sacrificed their own lives for greater good. They are not forced to give their lives but they know that it's the greatest gift they can offer. So it's a song about loyalty, community and having a greater purpose, a true meaning. It's not about dying but living forever in others memories. Let us rise the chalice of eternal life!

  3. Kuolleiden Yö

    "Night of the Dead" is about that one autumn eve when dead ones can freely walk among the living ones. Here it was called "kekri" but in other cultures it was known as "Walburgisnacht" and so on. Here in Finland people had feasts and even the dead ones were welcomed to take part on them. Night to remember the fallen ones, may they live forever.

  4. Täyttymys

    "Fullfillment" is about sadism, masochism and loving. It's about sex and violence. It's about slavery and free will. How far can you go if you do it for love? How bad can you be to other if it's the will of the one you love?

  5. Vahvempi kuin koskaan

    "Stonger than ever" is a song to honour our own crusade, our Fratres Militiae Inferi which started something like two decades ago. Even if years gone by, we are still stronger than ever. Our work might have changed but mission is still the same, we are eternally the brotherhood of Hell. No matter what others think, main thing is that you won't compare yourself to others. Be honest to yourselves, then you know you're on the right path.

  6. Nälkämaan Laulu

    "Song of the hungerland" or "Kainuu's march" is a beautiful melody written by Oskar Merikanto in 1911. For me it's most well known from Finnish movie Kahdeksan Surmanluotia (Eight Deadly Shots, 1972). It's based on the true story of Tauno Pasanen and tells tragic story about Finnish man, cruel nature, hard times and alcoholism. One thing leads to another and in the end there are eight shots fired and four dead police officers lying in the snow.

    Film: Kahdeksan surmanluotia (1972), Music: Nälkämaan laulu

    Hear the whisper of our woods,
    the splashing of the mighty lakes.
    They are speaking of our reputation,
    the fierce rapids and the dismal swamps.
    - Ilmari Kianto, Nälkämaan laulu, 1911

  7. Kiviseen Syleilyyn

    "To the Rocky Embrace" tells the story about Hilkka Saarinen who disappeared right before Christmas in 1960. Twelve years later her mummified body was found inside ole rocky oven, in her own small home. It was never clear was she alive when she was put there. Her husband was main suspect but was never convicted, he lived peacefully many years in the same cabin where his wife's body was, near that rocky embrace of the oven. Kiviseen syleilyyn is dedicated to Hilkka. May she rest in peace, in the warmness of the home she belong.

  8. Tie, Totuus ja Kuolema

    "The way, truth and the death" is actually a re-recording of our old song from debut album. Even if it's that old, lyrics itself are much older, from 1997 actually. They are the oldest lyrics that have remained till this day. Its about the power of curse, the black storm that rises from the north. Its about endless powers that thousands of deaths have.

  9. Ovat korpit pois lentäneet

    "Ravens have flew away" is shortest song in the record but the most epic song for me. And most of all, it's the most personal one. Its about breaking of unity, where ravens fly in different directions and nothing will ever be the same. It's about letting go.