Liner notes: Gorgon - The Lady Rides a Black Horse

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Liner notes: Gorgon - The Lady Rides a Black Horse

Written by Chris Chatelet

  1. Among Fogs of Oblivion

    I have composed and played this short intro in studio and sometime, we used it at the beginning of our live performances. The calm before the infernal storm.

  2. Tower of Gargoyles

    At the end of 80's I collected gargoyles (in stone) and medieval representations of the evil forces. The subject of gargoyles is rather rare in the black metal scene, and as we appreciated to be different than all the other bands, we have decided to use it as theme. A French band called Count Nosferatu made a cover of this song in the 90's. A good song to start an album.

  3. The Lady Rides a Black Horse

    We thought the name of this song will be a good one for an album so we did. So far it's our best-known album and received good reviews. The Lady is Mrs. Death. Contrary to what is noted on the booklet of the CD, I have played all the guitars on this album as our 2nd guitarist, in the band since few weeks, was not ready during the recording sessions.

  4. Call from Unknown Depths

    This song appeared originaly on our fist demo from 1992, also called with the same name. As in 1994 the line-up was totaly different, we have decided to record a new version more powerful with a better sound. It's also the first song Gorgon has played live in 1992 (in the south of France with Sadist from Italy) and the oldest lyrics of the band.

    Gorgon - Call from Unknown Depths (Demo, 1992)
  5. As a Stone

    The song I prefer from this period. My way to work is simple: I play guitar, again and again and when I find a good riff (for me) I keep it and I like this one. I think this is the song we played most often in concert. A mid-tempo generally well appreciated by the audience. The lyrical inspiration came from greek mythology.

  6. The Union

    A song rather "forgotten" in our discography even if it has been played live few times. 2 other songs were recorded during these recording sessions but were not included on this album. I am the lead vocal in the band but on this song our bass player made some vocals too to bring another atmosphere. He recorded the next album before leaving the band. As all the old members, he has stopped musical activities.

  7. At the Memory of the Past

    Another song from our first demo (with 4 tracks) in a better version. Originally the melody part (taping) was not scheduled in the song but during the mix I was here with my guitar and played unplugged. This idea came and we had to try it immediatly before recording the part. I'm someone interested in past things, old histories, not specially fascinated by the actual technology.

  8. Elizabeth

    A story about the well-known countess from Ungary. When we did it, some told us "Why this song is not call "Erzsébet" ?", stupid questions like that. As our lyrics were in English, we have decided to choose the English first name. Each country has its own vision of the first name, for example it's Elisabeth in French. This is a re-recording from a song from our E.P. out on the Italian label Wounded Love Records in 1993. As the musicians were different we have proposed this version as I don't like specially the one from the E.P.

  9. Swallowed Thoughts

    I don't know why but generally I write long lyrics as on this track which deals about death and the dark side. Today I'm more in energetic stuff, so I don't think I'll compose a new time stuff like that even if it's an interresting song, may be a bit too long. My inspiration is black metal in all forms (fast or slow parts, melodic or raw riffs...)

  10. Immortal Horde

    With satanic lyrics, "Immortal Horde" was one of our fastest song composed with our first drummer in 1993. 2 versions exist, this one and the one from our E.P. with the same name. Of course I prefer this version.

  11. The Day Required

    This one is about the celebration of a Sabbat and I deeply like the atmosphere. It's one of my favourite from this LP and it's a good way to conclude it, even if it's not, according to me, a song created for live appearance.