Liner notes: Uttertomb - Necrocentrism Liner notes: Uttertomb - Necrocentrism

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Liner notes: Uttertomb - Necrocentrism

Written by: SS

  1. Venomous Flesh Rain

    This intro was created to give the right atmosphere that we have been searching for "Necrocentrism", plus the mental image of acid flesh falling out the sky in the faces of mankind through a dense song like this one.

  2. Ascension Ritual

    One of our favorite compositions. It talks about reviving the dead with sacrifices and spells. This song particularly has the scent of Uttertomb by itself, very representative as well. We recorded the acoustic part with a 12-string guitar, so the atmosphere created was unique in comparison to the demo version.

  3. Choking Casket

    Our very first song created in the end of 2009. Very simple arrangements, but gloomy and powerful. The lyrics was about being buried alive in a casket, nothing new, but we wrote this classic scene in a very mental way, through the point of view of the person who is there.

  4. Swallowed by Graves

    Swallowed By Graves was composed in a primitive and raw way, just to give more "attack" and speed to the album. The initial part of the solo was composed a few days before the recording, but the other parts of the solo was improvised in the moment. Lyrics was inspired walking through the Cementerio General (General Cemetery) in Santiago in a obscure day.

  5. Necrological Fascination

    This one is the most representative song, because it talks about the beginning of the knowledge about the possibility of death through diseases or something that cause it since we born, evolving to the fascination of it as we grow up, reflected by a lot of actions and thoughts that lead to the concept of "Necrocentrism" (Which encompass all the songs of Uttertomb). Necrological Fascination was composed in a couple of hours, and detailed in less than two days. It come to us very spontaneously...