Avsolutized (2008)

AVSOLUTIZED are a Japanese band and have created a unique brand of black metal. The debut album is entitled Den Svarta Vandans Genealogi. Very unique vocals become the focal point of this album. Well crafted, European black metal-influenced guitars, a fierce drum machine and at times almost flamboyant vocal performance from a member of ARKHA SVA - high screams, death growls and twisted operatic wails. An impressive feat!
As this album was our first introduction to AVSOLUTIZED (and it made such an impression), it was of course necessary to write for further information and background on the band!

Thanks to Ur Èmdr ŒRVN for the contact, and MiZANE for any clarification.

Interview with Ur Èmdr ŒRVN
24 February 2008

Can you give a brief history of AVSOLUTIZED?

Hails to thee TODESTRIEB Cult.
AVSOLUTIZED. . . was formed in MCMXCVI anno bastardi, and at that time it was a solo, mostly instrumental black metal by MiZANE (All Strings). Ur Èmdr ŒRVN (All Words) joined in some years later.
The guitarist MiZANE has provided quite many materials to other groups around him in his career, and the only official release of AVSOLUTIZED. . . so far, other than "Den Svarta Våndans Genealogi" CD, is "Towards. . . You There" demo in MMVI, that was only spread among labels and related magicians and musicians.

How has your sound changed between the Towards demo and Den Svarta album? Has it always mixed the experimental with the traditional sounds?

Basically in the same vein they should be, total sonic blizzard BM in northern vein, although on "Den Svarta Våndans Genealogi" the instruments show more mature (even "calm") side, and the voices show more extreme side, than on "Towards. . . You There".
Nothing is not to be categorised "experimental" here, although it seems to be easily supposed that you refer to the vocal parts, but just they all depend on the results of channeling in a Satanic way.

Was this partly a tribute to Swedish/European black metal bands with the title and SETHERIAL cover song?

SETHERIAL and their "Nord. . . " album, and their older releases as well, were the main reasons why MiZANE started composing Black Metal back in MCMXCVI. And from that time back in around MCMXCVI in Sweden especially, there were many big sources of inspiration for Cold Black Metal you know. Too many to list them up here, but yes as you see, the title "Den Svarta Våndans Genealogi" was some kind of tribute to them, instead of saying "The Genealogy Of The Black Anguish".

Vocals play an important part in the band. They are very varied and quite operatic. Can you explain your approach?

Everything there just depend on the results and gained spells by channeling. They could sound varied just because they include varied messages and impression.
The singer would be called rather a transmitter of the voices from the under, than a normal singer with human vocal techniques.
And recordings? The voices on "Den Svarta Våndans Genealogi" were captured from a ritual, within a few hours in one day.
All the recorded things were done simply and quite straightly, in channeling the voices of agony, that always surround you from the under.

Do you record everything together? What equipment do you use?

As it is not an improvised kind of music, the instrumental parts are normally fixed first. The composition on "Den Svarta Våndans Genealogi" was collected among the fragments from various periods, and recorded in some time in MMVII.
MiZANE plays 7 strings guitars, and other equipments used were all owned by Neinsphere Studios.

Have you had good feedback from people hearing the album?

Nothing is particularly cared.
Rather, those who found keys to some particular states by skimming the underlain messages from "Den Svarta Våndans Genealogi" must have just gone there before deciding to write a lettre to AVSOLUTIZED. . . .

Can you explain the Sigil of A-A-A-A ?

It is a sect that explores in a particular system of Satanic Magick. And its sigil/symbol shows apparently 4 A's in it as you see.

What is the future for the band?

AVSOLUTIZED. . . will release its first full-album some years later.
AVSOLUTIZED. . . doesn't have any plan to play live for the moment.
And the drummer? Time will tell.
After all, anything will be hired and used if they are necessary in order to complete particular impression or messages.

Longue vie à vous TODESTRIEB.
Hail Satan.