Grave Desecrator (2008)

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Grave Desecrator (2008)

Grave Desecrator have been spreading the Brazilian extreme metal cancer for a few years now. We managed to distro a few copies of their first two releases during 2004-5 - the demo tape and tape version of Cult of the Warfare and Darkness on Ketzer. This same label signed the band for it's debut album which is scheduled for release in a couple of months.
The album is entitled Sign of Doom and it sounds like their strongest release to date! The production is thicker with less thrash and more bestial death influence in a similar modern black/death vein to bands like Goat Molestor.
The recording is complete so we took the opportunity to ask a few short questions to Valak Necrogoat (bass).

Interview with Valak Necrogoat, 28 January 2008

Before Grave Desecrator formed in 1998 you were involved in other bands?

I was involved in some old Death/Thrash acts in the very past. Later, I've been part of a Black Metal band called Ancient Sign Glorify in 1997. I did record the debut promo of Seges Findere in 1999. The other guys weren't really involved in any shit, just our former vocalist, F.Mordor , who was inside some BM shits long ago...

Of course Brazil has an extremely strong history for Black/Death metal bands. Who were your main influences?

In Brazil, old Sepultura, Sarcófago, Vulcano and Mystifier are our main influences...We praise our ancient cult scene, not only these more well known bands, but also Impurity, Goat Penis, Murder Rape, Songe D'Enfer, Behemoth and many others..

G.D.'s first demo was released by your label Swords and Leather. Did the label release any other demos or albums? It was spread with about 1000 copies, was this mainly local?

S & L was a tape label made by myself and an old friend. We've stopped the activities due our few free time for it. We released the debut demo of Seges Findere and the debut demo of Sodomizer only..The demo 2001 was spreaded more outside Brazil, but many copies were distributed inside here as well, but we got more attention overseas...Our label is from Germany, by the way..

On your website you have a news post from August 2004 it lists upcoming splits with Front Beast and an unnamed Brazilian band, and a tape "The Devil's Bless". Did these get released?

Forget about this site, is too long outdated..The guy who was done that is deceased! He had died in a motorcycle accident year ago and we do not have the password to take that off..We didn't release that stuffs...

Sign of Doom is the debut album and it's coming out in a few months, what's the story leading up to it and what can we expect??

Sign of Doom is our long waited debut album..It's been too late due many personal problems and line up changes. We had to fire out our former vocalist few days before entering the studios unfortunatelly..Also recruited a new guitarrist ( Black Sin and Damnation )...That was professionally recorded indeed, and it's mastered by Andy Classen in Germany..After the recording,and a gig alongside acts as Impurity in Espirito Santo state, we changed our drummer...Now it's F. Tormentor the guy who will destroy the kits..
We hope all the dudes and ladies into old Black/Death feeling can corrode their souls listening to this...

How do you feel the band has changed in sound since the demo? A stronger death/Berherit influence now?

Don't think we have changed too much and I don't think we're not too much into Beherit,even it's a great act...old songs ( demo 01 ) were more into traditional BM mixed with Thrash/Heavy influences.. 7ep and news songs are nearest of what we were searching for sounding like...

Have you played live as a band? With the album being released on a European label, any chance of playing here?

We've already played alive..that's nice when all is going well, but underground gigs in Brasil are sick sometimes..So we're not too interested in doing any gig at any place...We want to play more, but with decent conditions, and it doesn't mean rockstar attitude. We sick of bastards ruling the game ..I do not think it'll help us to play in Europe, it depends a lot of things and money shits but would be killer to play over there and prove ethilic stuffs, nice girls and spread the words of misfortune...

What's the future of GRAVE DESECRATOR??

To live every fucking day with hate!!