Belliciste preview new song from upcoming album Bardachd Cogaidh

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Belliciste preview new song from upcoming album Bardachd Cogaidh

Ki a koe, E Whiro!

BELLICISTE (New Zealand Black Metal) have unveiled the first preview from the forthcoming album Bàrdachd Cogaidh! The new album will be released during the summer, more details to be announced soon.

The debut BELLICISTE album - Sceadugenga - is available on sale.

Finally I am able to reveal one track from the forthcoming album, entitled Bàrdachd Cogaidh, as well as the cover art, crafted by the horrendously talented Khaos Diktator Design. Label info and release dates will be announced in time.

I runga Te Morere,
I ripo ai aku iwi ki reira - e - i!
Ki he koutou,
I haere i te ara o te 'Hau;
Taria koutou ki te tari o Whiro.

On lone Morere's Hill they fell;
There shattered lay my tribe, ah me!
O simple ones and brave!
Entrapped in Whiro's snare -
The snare of fate!
(...ensnared in the noose of Whiro)

- traditional Māori waiata tangi (lament)

Whiro (pronounced Firo) is one of the chief adversarial deities of the Māori pantheon. The embodiment of evil and an underworld dweller, he feeds upon the flesh of the deceased until he has gathered enough strength to burst from the underworld, at which point he will devour all life on the surface of the earth.

Hail Whiro! Hail Satan!

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