Demilich restock + live in Leeds, London this weekend

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Demilich restock + live in Leeds, London this weekend

Forget Sweden!! Punishing techno deathgrind with original vocals from Finland's premier death metal outfit!!

Necropolis Records flyer

Limited restock of the killer compilation 20th Adversary of Emptiness. This double disc digipak includes the entire recorded output of Finnish legends DEMILICH! The four demos released in 1991 and 1992, a session recording from their brief 2005/6 reformation.

We reformed just the way we wanted to, to finish things of with a couple of new recordings (which aren't still out, but will be this year) and with a gig or two. Well, the gig or two went to gig and three + touring in the USA, but that was a nice bonus.

Antti Boman / Demilich interview, Necromancy, 2013

The centrepiece is of course disc 1: Nespithe - their only album, one of the greatest death metal LPs!

Nespithe was originally released by US label Necropolis in 1993.

They offered us a deal with HONESTY, which seems to be forgotten by many bigger labels. Paul (NR) is also a big fan of our band and does everything to help us, so what could we expect more??? I'd rather be on Necropolis than Earache! Smaller labels can provide bands with more notice and don't think they are something higher than the band. Necropolis has been everything to us, and I hope it will always be. If we ever record another album, it will be made for them!

Antti Boman / Demilich interview, Chamber of Sorrow #4, 1993

Two UK dates this weekend:

Friday 14 February: Boom Leeds, Byron Street Mills, Leeds.
Saturday 15 February: Garage, 20-22 Highbury Corner, London.

Here's a sample of a recent DEMILICH gig: