Fenriz Mixtape on Radio 3 - Late Junction with Anne Hilde Neset

Fenriz contributed a mix to last week's Late Junction on Radio 3. The audio is available for about a month, you can listen and see the track list on the BBC website.

Track list below with a few related videos (not necessarily the chosen song)

The DeZurik Sisters - The Arizona Yodeler (video: Hillbilly Bill)

Ohio Players - Funky Worm (video: Skin Tight)

Walter Wanderley - Amanha (video: Call Me)

Wrath - Warlord (video: the b-side, Rock N Roll Fever)

Fraction - Come Out Of Her

Suburban Lawns - Janitor (great Long Beach new wave band!) (video: Janitor, Gidget Goes to Hell, on New Wave Theater)

Dave "Baby" Cortez - The Happy Organ (video: Cherry Wainer and Don Storer performing the song in '66)

Shirley Ellis - The Name Game (video: Nitty Gritty on American Bandstand with Dick Clark)

Rotary Connection - Burning Of The Midnight Lamp (video: cover of the Stones' Lady Jane)