Giveaway: XASTHUR signed poster

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Giveaway: XASTHUR signed poster


If you've been here for a while you may remember something similar a decade ago...
Portal of Sorrow was released in March 2010 and when we imported our copies Malefic generously included some signed posters for a giveaway held that year. Recently, a couple of unclaimed posters were found, so we're running the giveaway one more time!

To enter this giveaway find the "Enter XASTHUR signed poster giveaway" message in your cart and select the checkbox.

Your order will be added to the draw list, the random draw will take place on 1 August. Posters will ship on 2 August to the address on your original order. The giveaway is free, you do not pay for the poster or the poster shipping.

Giveaway notes:
Start date: 6 July 2021. End date: 31 July 2021. Draw date: 1 August 2021. Shipping date: 2 August 2021.


Shortly after the release of Portal of Sorrow, XASTHUR became NOCTURNAL POISONING, an acoustic dark folk project. After three albums Scott returned to XASTHUR, but kept the acoustic music. The new XASTHUR album, Victims of the Times, will be released 9 July 2021.