GRIFT record acoustic versions of early songs for Samhain Celebration

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GRIFT record acoustic versions of early songs for Samhain Celebration

GRIFT mastermind Erik Gärdefors recorded two acoustic songs to accompany the Samhain Celebration concert in Gotha, 4 November 2016. They were made available on limited cassette and now digitally.

The first of the two is also the first song from the debut Fyra elegier, released by Nordvis and on cassette by Night Birds / Todestrieb.

This is the very first song I wrote for Grift and it's the first song that ever was made public. When I wrote the song, I was very influenced by Johannes Edfeldt’s poetry and rhymes. I wrote the music on acoustic guitar and wanted it to sound like a dark ballad. Therefore, I think the song also fits to be performed in a more stripped-down way.

Below is a video recorded at Samhain Celebration of another song from Fyra elegier, "Den fångne".

The second recorded acoustic song is Svältorna, originally from the debut album Syner.

When I wrote this song I had read an essay about "Svältbygden" ("famine land") in Västergötland, the county I come from. The land was barren and only consisted by poor soil that was difficult for the farmers to cultivate. I began to fantasize about how it was to live there in the past, how the rugged landscape must have affected peoples minds. Everything was in someone else's hands - hands belonging to forces beyond the mundane everyday life. The music had to be monotonous; almost trancelike.