Holodomor & Carcinoma in stock Plymouthian Death Metal

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Holodomor & Carcinoma in stock Plymouthian Death Metal

Formed in 2009, HOLODOMOR only released one MCD, Témoignages de la Gnose Terrestre. Those seventeen violent minutes have served as the sole testament of a band pursuing pure brutality with a technical proficiency not often seen!

Témoignages... was released in 2012, founder Adam Widawski decided to dissolved the project later that year:

Due to unresolvable interpersonal conflicts and misunderstandings within the band HOLODOMOR has been deceased. The mental gap between myself and the other members has grown too great to surpass and I do not find it honest to continue participation in any activities related to HOLODOMOR.

The other three memebers - Steve Dean, Dan Couch and Steve Waldron - would go to form CARCINOMA.

All of the current members of Carcinoma so myself S.Dean, S.Waldron and D.Couch were members of Holodomor, it was the 3 of us and a guy named Adam on guitar and vocals, we worked well for a long time with one another but there were some differences between us and unfortunately it came to a point where we were no longer capable of working together, it was primarily Adam's project and he decided to call it a day. As soon as Holodomor was finished I contacted O.Crawford and asked him if he wanted to get Carcinoma running properly and we started to work almost immediately. After some time as I said above S.Waldon and D.Couch then showed interest and the three of us had always worked well together so it made perfect sense to work with one another again.
- Carcinoma interview, The Lair of Filth, 2018

After a self-titled demo their first major title, a split with ABYSSAL, has just been released.

Both the original pressing of Témoignages de la Gnose Terrestre and the new split, Apanthropinization, are available now!