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Malevolent Creation early album t-shirts available

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Malevolent Creation early album t-shirts available

We started the Band in 1987 in Buffalo, New York. The only original members left are me, the singer, Brett, and our Bass player, Jason. We did a demo in '87 and lost our drummer, We came to Florida in the beginning of '88 for the Hell of it and because we had some friends down here. We bought our equipment and went to a gig. We went through about 4 or 5 drummers since we have been here. Then we did a demo in '89 called "Injected Sufferage", and also did a demo in '90 which got us our record deal with Road Runner. Since then we have put out 3 albums. "Ten Commandments," - 1991, "Retribution" - 1992, and "Stillborn" - 1993.
- Phil Fasciana / Malevolent Creation interview, Inner Source #3, 1994

New t-shirts, one for each of those original three albums, are now available.

Malevolent Creation live, Willem 2, Den Bosch, Holland, 1991