Ripping Thrash Zine - All Current Issues Now Available

All in-print issues of Ripping Thrash are now available at the distro. Ripping Thrash is a long running (Steve published the first issue in '86) hardcore / crust / punk / grind zine with band interviews, scene/political articles and reviews - music, zines and live. RT has never had a formal schedule and these few issues span about 21 years!

Issue 12
Features lots of pages written by bands, labels, distros talking about their activity or just an opinion. 10th anniversary issue of RT! Plus music and zine reviews.

Issue 17
Interviews with: White Frogs, Grito de Odio, Police Bastard. Articles: Castors, Cops and Chaos!, Nova Scotia scene report, Lithuanian scene report, "Too Many Animals Anyway", Tick...But Not Tock, War is Over!, Living in a Cave. Plus music and zine reviews.

Issue 25
Split zine between Ripping Thrash and Hell and Damnation.
Interviews with: Chris (Agitate and Aversion zines), Step on It, Active Rebellion, Vi Gruer Oss, NK6. Articles: Illegal y Que? (Illegal So What?), Zombie movie reviews, The Earth's already Fucked so Stop Your Crying. Plus music and zine reviews.

Issue 27
Interviews with: Active Minds, Steve Hyland (Attitude Problem, Means to an End Festival), See You In Hell. Plus music and zine reviews.

Issue 28
Interviews with: Lycanthropy, John WHY, Hibernation. Articles: Trafalgar has much in common with Tahrir, 5 page article about the Afgan war. Plus music and zine reviews.

Issue 29
Interviews with: Dysmorfic, Catheter, Streetwalker, Agathocles, Nu Pogodi. Plus music and zine reviews.

Issue 30
New interviews with NOFU and LAST UNDER THE SUN.
This issue includes reprints from early issues: NAPALM DEATH (UK hardcore/grindcore from issue 2, around 1986), ATOXXXICO (Mexican hardcore from issue 5), HEIBEL (Belgian hardcore/thrash from issue 4) and CITIZENS ARREST (from issue 6).
Also includes music and zine reviews, and a compilation CD!

Interview with Steve about the first Ripping Thrash zine here.

Ripping Thrash also released some tapes in the late eighties: