Andy Julia: Road Music for Paris Nights

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Andy Julia: Road Music for Paris Nights

Playlist by Andy Julia (Soror Dolorosa, Nuit Noire, Darvulia, Peste Noire)

Paris is a fascinating city to drive at night, I'll let you know what are my 10 favourite tracks to spend this hollow time... filling my spirit with a rare energy.

Andy originally compiled this list for us in August 2009.


  1. Bernard Herrman

    Diary of a Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver: Original Soundtrack Recording 1976

    This song is a description of the disillusion of a worker, of life, going on along the dirty sidewalks of a city... the voice of R. De Niro speaks quietly but strongly right to the hollow of the ear.

  2. The Stooges

    We Will Fall

    The Stooges 1969

    A long and hypnotising song that tells the truth about a spleen feeling which is difficult to reach without any drug... If you're lying on the back of my car while I'm driving after a party, you'll see the first beams of light in a different way than the day before, and never the same after.

  3. The Cure

    At Night

    Seventeen Seconds 1980

    After thirty minutes driving, I could clearly hear some lyrics, even if the voice is undermixed... I saw The Cure playing in Paris and at this date, it appears to me that this band is really unique, and the sound perfectly corresponds at the idea of a shouting presence in an underground zone, forced to close its mouth for years, like a child lost in the sewers.

  4. Norma Loy


    82/84 EP 1989

    If you are alone on Christmas day, and if you had the chance to have good souvenirs from childhood's christmas nights, this song will be very hard.

  5. Depeche Mode

    Agent Orange

    Music for the Masses 1987

    This instrumental sad and low song is a perfect trip for loneliness and thoughts... the low tempo and the piano lead take your mind out of the city diseases... it's a fresh shot of alcohol, you don't feel the taste at the first moment, but the effect is a continuous turn over.

  6. Fad Gadget (Frank Tovey)

    Life on the Line

    Life on the Line 1982

    Maybe, cause it's the year of my birth, I'm attached to this song... it's a midtempo song, perfectly synthetic. Fad Gadget is a genius, and I often find myself in the deepest of his sounds, his presence, his absurd revendications in answer to a no-sense world.

  7. And Also The Trees


    (Listen For) The Rag and Bone Man 2007

    This album is a masterpiece for those who appreciate music. Domed is a track you can listen to all your life. At the moment when the human existence turns to an heavy cross. It does not depend on your age, not the place you come from, but only a lost moment reaching your mind while driving, or walking alone, along a never ending beach in a distant land.

  8. John Foxx


    Metamatic 1980

    Made as a solo project by the first singer of Ultravox. The soundtrack of a galactic metaphysic war, where humans are machines and love is the will.

  9. Virgin Prunes

    Sweethome Under White Clouds

    ...If I Die, I Die 1982

    This song is a mix between madness and wise and as William Blake told, "The way of excess leads to the temple of wisdom". Virgin Prunes voices let you penetrate a time when the crazy men where shouting down the street to announce the end of the world or the final salvation... In this track, I have the feeling that they wanted to transmit something near...

  10. Slowdive

    I Saw the Sun

    Unreleased 1996

    For me, the best recording of the band, but never released, hard to find... pure shoegazing filter for life... If you've never been with your best friend on holidays, far from all shitty troubles of life, you'll not understand this choice.

  11. Soror Dolorosa


    Severance 2009

    PS: Concerning SD, my recommendation for driving is to listen strongly 43°, and you'll be the first to go on, at the red light stops, kicking the mouth of all others around... Joke.

Andy Julia: Road Music for Paris Nights
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