Antti Klemi: Influences of Infinity

Influences of Infinity

Playlist by Antti Klemi (Circle of Ouroborus)

Here you have one view to the origins of CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS. It's impossible to say what the other half Rauta would say for himself, but I guess he would accept at least a few of these ten bands.

When people describe our music, usually they say it's a mix of black metal and "something else". Well, this playlist is also a mix of black metal and "something else", although the black metal side is already "something else" in my opinion: all these bands have their own vision and touch, and therefore the main thing isn't the genre but the originality and the pureness of their creations. This is a collection of the old ones, the new ones and something between, and this list can change from day to day - another allusion to the never-ending destruction and creation of ouroborus, eh?

Antti originally compiled this list for us in May 2009


  • Joy Division

    Dead Souls

    Licht und Blindheit (1980)

    A predictable start? Maybe, but it's impossible to hide this band's influence on us. We made a "She's Lost Control" cover for our Shores album, and we haven't regretted that decision a bit. The hollowness of this band is unique, and this song has also been nicely covered by NINE INCH NAILS.

  • Alcest

    Le Secret

    Le Secret (2005)

    I have always had a soft spot in my heart for black metal bands with a different vocal approach, and ALCEST is one of those bands. This Le Secret track combines rawness and dreaminess perfectly.

  • Urfaust

    Dämmert, Gelähmt Und Mit Scheinbar Erloschenem Geist

    Auerauege Raa Verduistering (2006)

    Another unique band what comes to vocals - and for about everything else also! The split album between URFAUST and CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS was a start of a strong friendship, and I'm always hypnotically amazed and impressed when this duo makes its magic - be it opinions, live rituals or the music itself.

  • The Dears

    Protest (Parallel)

    Protest (2002)

    I don't care much of the actual band, but this song has drilled its way to my brain. Again very hollow and laconic atmosphere and the play between just few elements works very naturally and easily. Dangerous and depressed.

  • Current 93

    The Carnival is Dead and Gone

    All the Pretty Little Horses (1996)

    There can't be a COO list without C93. David Tibet has charmed me with his apocalyptic neo-folk years before CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS, and it was interesting to see how step by step these acoustic elements took space in our music. All the Pretty Little Horses is maybe one of the albums in my personal top-5 with its diversity, and here you have one of those catchier and looser tracks from that album.

  • Frail (Crooked Necks)

    Poisoning the Seed

    Ruins of Resurrection (2010)

    I just listened to FRAIL's Brilliant Darkness demo tape and I'm more and more satisfied that there will be a split release with them. If CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS is described as "post-punk black metal", I can't wonder what FRAIL would be named! This band can create music that is raw and mellow same time.

  • Forgotten Woods

    Dimension of the Blackest Dark

    As the Wolves Gather (1994)

    And then a black metal classic. I'm just sipping whiskey and listening to As the Wolves Gather and it all flows: the natural drums, these smooth riffs and melodies, the screams and growls. Another example how diverse and multileveled Norse black metal was even in the beginning of the 90ies.

  • Joose Keskitalo & Kolmas Maailmanpalo

    Tule minun luokseni, kulta

    Tule minun luokseni, kulta (2009)

    And then something different. I guess nobody knows this artist outside of Finland but now is your chance. Joose Keskitalo creates very harsh ballads, dirty blues and that famous "something else". Songs can be tender but they can tell stories about cannibalism same time like this song. A real lo-fi genius.

  • LIK

    Hate to Be Human

    Må ljuset aldrig nå oss mer (2003)

    If there's one single song which has influenced on the birth of CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS, it's this song. Although LIK's debut is already sterling steel material from the start to the end, this ghastly anthem against mankind really stands up from the other songs.

  • Vesa-Matti Loiri

    Lapin kesä

    Lapin kesä (1992)

    And I end my journey to home. Vesa-Matti Loiri is a Finnish singer / actor who made four albums full of musical adaptions of Eino Leino's poems in the 80ies and these songs can be heard as proto neo-folk - or just songs of sorrow, yearning and regret. Like a Finnish state of mind.