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Claythanas: Belly Dancer's Delight

Playlist by Claythanas (Satan's Satyrs)

During my near-seventeen years on this planet, I haven't amassed the largest record collection nor the most esoteric, but I'm always searching for new shit and I've managed to find some pretty good stuff so far. Well here are some of my favorite tracks from some of my favorite albums. Hail the Goat!

In conclusion, I left out a lot a good stuff. Oh well...

Clayton originally compiled this list for us in March 2010.


  1. Electric Wizard


    Dopethrone 2000

    We start off with a track from an album that some might consider the heaviest of all time. Indeed, Dopethrone is so vast, so desolate, that upon listening, I often find myself astray among the monolithic riffs, far away from this planet. It's heavy on so many levels, this track in particular. The vocals are so fucking nihilist and misanthropic. Jus Oborn sounds like a fucking sorcerer proclaiming curse unto the wind from atop a blackened peak. You think your civilised, but you will never understand!!!!

  2. The Hand of Doom

    There Ain't No Running Away

    Poisonoise 1979

    Here's some solid heavy metal from the lone album of The Hand of Doom. The whole album is a great mix of punk, heavy metal, and rock 'n' roll. Straight foward songs with no bullshit about it and all them are so damn good and memorable. It is a shame these wild tunes were the only release from these guys.

  3. Blasphemy

    Darkness Prevails

    Fallen Angel of Doom.... 1990

    It's been said many times before, but this is one of the greatest black metal albums of all time and "Darkness Prevails" probably is my favorite Blasphemy song. This record is so raw, it took me a little while to really appreciate it. It sounds like the master tape was unearthed from a 500 year old grave. So grinding and evil. I need this on vinyl! One day...

  4. Davie Allan and The Arrows

    Blue's Theme

    The Wild Angels Soundtrack 1966

    Worship at the altar of fuzzzzzz, where Davie Allan is god! Great west coast vibe from this song. Cruisin' on a motorbike through the desolation of the desert....Watch out!

  5. High Tide

    Futilist's Lament

    Sea Shanties 1969

    More fuzzzzzz! Perhaps the heaviest record of 1969? Definitely the heaviest electric violin of '69. What a great record from start to finish, not just the heavy songs but also the lighter songs. The whole LP has this very distant, mysterious vibe. Very dreamlike, almost nostalgic. Spin this LP with your drug of choice and drift away.

  6. Sonic Ritual

    Don't Wanna Feel Alright

    Mother Hearse 2009

    I had trouble picking one track from this band cause they're all so good! Sonic Ritual has such a unique sound and vibe. To me, it sounds like a mix a of "We Live"-era Electric Wizard mixed with the pure rock 'n' roll of Motorhead. They got it all, the riffs, the heaviness, the groove.

  7. Black Flag

    Thirsty and Miserable

    Damaged 1981

    Black Flag has a huge influence on the Satan's Satyrs sound, especially "Damaged". It's just a big noisy mess falling apart all over the place and it works. What can I say that hasn't already been said? It's one of the heaviest records ever. The production is SO perfect, that's a big deal for me. The drums are so solid and they cut right through the noise. The guitar tone is so incredible, I could toil for hours trying to dial my amp just right to try on get that sound. The guitar sounds especially venomous on "Thirsty and Miserable". Rollins is crazy motherfukker too. Fuck, I gotta go spin this right now....aaaaaaargh

  8. Pentagram

    Dying World

    Relentless 1985

    Another band that we Satyrs hold in the HIGHEST regards. We just saw Bobby and Pentagram live, goddamn it killed! Anyway, I love this song. It's fast doom with chugging riffs and Bobby's vocals are ghoulish as all hell and I can't really say much to do this band justice! WORSHIP!!

  9. Archgoat

    Hammer of Satan

    Whore of Bethlehem 2006

    Pure and potent Satanic Black Metal of Death. What else is there to say? I remember first hearing Archgoat. I was fed up with hearing Darkthrone-rip-off myspace black metal all the time and Archgoat's crushing sound just hit me like, well, a Hammer of Satan! (I had to do it) No bullshit about it. Pounding drums, sinister axe attack and some of the most malevolent vocals ever come together in this primal, ritualistic frenzy!

  10. The Rolling Stones

    (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

    (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 1965

    60's era Stones is the best era in my opinion. Hell, the original idea of Satan's Satyrs came from getting stoned and spinning old Rolling Stones LP's. Great fuzzy riff and great groove. Dig it!

Claythanas: Belly Dancer's Delight
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