Einar Sjurso: Comatose Haze

Einar Sjurso: Comatose Haze

Playlist by Einar Sjurso (Virus, Beyond Dawn)

Einar, Esso, Einz... drummer with Norwegian avant-garde band VIRUS, LAMENTED SOULS, BEYOND DAWN and retro-thrashers INFERNÖ has compiled our latest playlist!

Normally I would have selected a few slightly more obscure tracks but I've been comatose all day from lack of sleep, so I just went for the first ten I could think of.

Einar originally compiled this list for us in December 2009.


  • Joy Division

    She's Lost Control

    Atmosphere (1980)

    The 12" version, infinitely better than the one on Unknown Pleasures, this song possibly has the greatest bass riff in history. The keyboards toward the end of this version - one word; HAUNTING.

  • Darkthrone

    Atomic Coming

    The Cult is Alive (2006)

    For me, Darkthrone made a great return to form with The Cult Is Alive. No better proof than this one, which sounds like a hybreed between Under A Funeral Moon and punk. UGH!

  • Swans

    The Sound

    Soundtracks for the Blind (1996)

    Swans are probably the greatest band that ever existed. I heard rumours of a reunion tour (oh.my.gawd)! This is from their swansong album, a must in every self-respecting music addict's collection.

  • Autopsy

    Severed Survival

    Severed Survival (1989)

    We covered this one in Beyond Dawn on our Frysh album, but you know what they say - you can't beat the original (not that we even tried!)

  • Lee Hazlewood


    Lee Hazlewoodism Its Cause and Cure (1967)

    Lee Hazlewood had the greatest voice, the best lyrics and the coolest songs. The man was basically cool on two feet. Who else could pull off a song about a fucking matador - flamenco guitars, Morricone-ish choir et al.

  • Motorhead


    Another Perfect Day (1983)

    From an underrated album, this shows a more melodic side of Motörhead, that still rocked like a fuckin' mongoose in heat.

  • Entombed


    Clandestine (1991)


  • Bathory

    Home of Once Brave

    Hammerheart (1990)

    You can't have a podcast without Quorthon. You just can't.

  • Ladytron


    Velocifero (2008)

    If they get bored with doing their excellent icecold electropop they should consider doing a whole album in this style. Fuckin' magic! Oh, and I'd gladly marry either one of Helen or Mira.

  • Swans

    God Damn the Sun

    The Burning World (1989)

    OK OK, I know. Two Swans songs in one podcast. That's because this is probably the most beautiful song I know. And not in a cosy Frank Sinatra way. This is actually quite brutal if you listen to the lyrics. *reach for tissue*