Fursy Teyssier: Amesoeurs Album Inspiration Part 1

Amesoeurs Album Inspiration Part 1

Playlist by Fursy Teyssier (Les Discrets, Amesoeurs)

Since their first recordings emerged in late 2006, AMESOEURS have made a marked impact on music; black metal in particular, if only because this genre was most isolated from the influences they brought with them. It is now common to see bands being formed that can credit their very existence to their Ruines humaines mini-album.

As was mentioned in our early interview with the band, "Les ruches malades" - an early song played at their first gig - has made it onto their album (slightly updated from the VALFUNDE split EP). Read the full January 2007 interview with AMESOEURS. The last question addresses how Neige and Audrey saw the album a few years before its recording.

The self-titled debut album, officially released Friday, will be also be the last. A final statement by a collection of talented individuals who will, through their other projects - ALCEST, LES DISCRETS, PESTE NOIRE - continue to produce exceptional music.
AMESOEURS, as with many modern achievements, will fade out gracefully; leaving behind some fine moments.

And so, after all the bands they have influenced, who inspires AMESOEURS? Fursy has chosen seven songs which inspired him, specifically in his work with AMESOEURS and this album.

On to the playlist...

Fursy originally compiled this list for us in March 2009


  • Amesoeurs

    Gas in Veins

    Amesoeurs (2009)

  • M83

    Teen Angst

    Before the Dawn Heals Us (2005)

    This band is one of those bands that inspired everybody in the Amesoeurs' trio that we were at the very beginning. It is music for and about people of these two latest decades. This guy seems to be fascinated by the new cities, the night lights and its colors etc. His music is really breathtaking once you have accepted its old-fashioned influences and kitsch moments and so understood that they are part of his music. The title of this song is perfectly chosen in my opinion. This song is for me a fall from the top of a high building. A sad atmosphere with a little bit of hope.

  • Blonde Redhead


    In an Expression of the Inexpressible (1998)

    I'm not able to say precisely how many times I listened to this song... It could be almost 200 or 300 times!! This song is such a dark song, very repetitive. The drum pattern is excellent instead of being really simple, the dissonant guitar lines burst my ears, and I love the grice vocals. This song contains a lot of nervosity that is contained and never blown up, it is really tight. As a perfect ending, the bass line, which is without any doubt the best bass line I have heard.

  • Kill The Thrill

    Permanent Imbalance

    Tellurique (2005)

    Kill The Thrill is a French band from Marseille. Their sound has nothing to do with the French scene. At the very beginning, I didn't like as much what they were playing, but becoming older, my tastes evolving, this band is now one of my favourites. I LOVE the voice of the guy, and this industrial and modern approach. I just noticed that what I like very much in Kill The Thrill is that even without any visual, you can figure out what they're talking about and which universe they paint in music. It's a music which conveys a lot of atmospheres and pictures, very visual...

  • Massive Attack


    Mezzanine (1998)

    I am not used to listening to Massive Attack. I think I haven't listened to it for years. But I am sure that it inspired me in the composition of Gas In Veins. This slow tempo with a big bass line... I noticed it right after having recorded the demo version. But I don't really like this band actually.

  • The Evpatoria Report

    Dipole Experiment

    Golevka (2005)

    I was a big postrock listener, but I'm tired of that style. This song is one of the postrock songs I still listen to, because it is really "filmic" and floating. It opens my mind to different pictures and scenery and I love when a music offers this possibility for people to imagine what they want while listening to it. It's really important because in my opinion, every listener must put himself into the music either way. Due to it being a bit epic, you can imagine yourself in space surrounded by stars, in a grave, in a church, in a white or black atmosphere etc... Each time I listen to it, I have new pictures. That's wonderful.

  • Amesoeurs


    Amesoeurs (2009)

  • Blonde Redhead


    23 (2007)

    I discovered this song a few months ago, we already recorded the Amesoeurs' album and so it didn't inspire me for composing. I am a big big big fan of Blonde Redhead, album after album they are evolving. This band is becoming better year after year. The mood of this song is very special. The lyrics are beautiful and the music is, as always, very well composed and arranged. Blonde Redhead are talented to find good vocal lines and arrangements. I love the hiphop chorus with the ride cymbal very tight. Anyway this drummer has the most original patterns I've ever heard.

  • Cranes


    EP Collection, Vol. 1 & 2 (1997)

    One of the tracks (bands) that inspired me for everything I do. Sooooo dark..... The singer seems to be a little child very very very sad, this song is a nightmare. This band is not well known and would deserve to be more. Even people who were 20/25 years old in the 80's don't know them... The big distorted part with a huge sound is excellent.... A wall of nightmare that falls on your happiness.