Mark Rainbow: Life Influences

Life influences

Playlist by Mark Rainbow (Dirty Grave)

Mark is one third of doom group DIRTY GRAVE from Orlândia, São Paulo. Their debut album Evil Desire is out now! This playlist reflects the music that has influenced his life and led to the formation of the killer traditional doom band DIRTY GRAVE.


  • Nirvana


    Bleach (1989)

    This band was crazy, and I needed that madness, before I heard Nirvana I was nothing.

  • Black Sabbath

    You Won't Change Me

    Technical Ecstasy (1976)

    Technical Ecstasy was the Sabbath's album that I most heard, this song consumes me, "Nobody will change me anyaway, no no way", sometimes I need to hear it to go on.

  • Judas Priest

    Saints in Hell

    Stained Class (1978)

    I really love this band, it made me dream to play in a band, to sing. When I was teenager, I forgot my familiar and social problems, I just had Judas Priest on my mind.

  • Morbid Angel

    Evil Spells

    Altars of Madness (1989)

    Here is a new stage of my life, Morbid and others bands of Old Death Metal, I love this riffs and solos. It's fucking crazy.

  • Slayer

    Chemical Warfare

    Haunting the Chapel (1984)

    Here I definitely saw that I would never adapt to this world of shit, work, the possible choices for me, a lot of shit, I did not accepted the rules, lost jobs and other stuffs, but I was making my way and Slayer was there.

  • Pentagram

    Death Row

    Pentagram / Relentless (1985)

    New ways here, after a time fighting against the sistem, I was desappointed to myself, I was 26 years old, a informal job, no money, a wife and a child. What I did? Do I changed my life to give better life to my family? Noooo, I did Dirty Grave!

  • Rage Against the Machine


    Rage Against the Machine (1992)

    This is about attitude, I'm a Latino-american, my country is a whore of imperialism, a lot of people suffer supporting the pyramid, how can I not love this band?

  • James Cotton & Muddy Waters

    Rock Me

    Rock Me (1956)

    I love blues, is a influence in Dirty Grave, and you can believe that new songs are coming that will show better these influences.

  • De Menos Crime

    S.O.S Miséria

    Rap das Quebradas (2002)

    Brazilian Rap/Hip Hop, I love, they sing my reality, denounce the slave system, police violence, racism and genocide. These are the voices of the shanty towns.

  • Bezerra Da Silva

    Pai Véio

    Produto do Morro (1983)

    This is an authentic Brazilian, represents a lot of afro descendants, slum dwellers, the real Samba. Is a part of my culture.