Martin: Top Spinners of 2008

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Martin: Top Spinners of 2008

Playlist by Martin / Vintyr (Hateful Abandon, Basilisk)

In my boredom and as I'm a music FANATIC and in the spirit of a lot of 'top 10 albums of 2008', I thought I'd share 10 fantastic albums with you. Now these aren't my favourite records of all time, just what I'm listening to over and over again at the moment and in some cases, for a long time.

Martin originally compiled this list for us in February 2009


  1. Killing Joke


    Brighter Than a Thousand Suns 1986

    One of the only albums to make me dance. Jesus, I'd give my right bollock to hear a new album with as many hooks as this today. Written off by many as one of the Joke's weaker albums because of the 100% proof pop megaton BOMBS this album sweats out like ducklings. Sod 'em I say...stick this on and dance to your day job. Possibly my choice album from my very favourite band.

  2. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

    Walking on Your Hands

    The Very Best of... 2000

    "You can't put a 'Best of...' album in your list!" I just did. Deal. Whereas the few albums they did do stand up on their own, you can't beat this 23 track behemoth of hit song after hit song. Not a boring second on the record and that it in itself is very rare. Dark, impressive confrontational pop.

  3. Celtic Frost

    In the Chapel, in the Moonlight

    Into the Pandemonium 1987

    It's pretty popular to choose 'Morbid Tales' or 'To Mega Therion' over this one when gliding your finger lightly along the spines of CDs on the rack. But don' time pick this one and revel in madness. Preferably the more recent edition with 'In the Chapel in the Moonlight' on it. THEIR BEST SONG. UH!

  4. Krohm

    A Lurking Dream

    A World Through Dead Eyes 2005

    Just an incredibly layered record. Takes a few listens but keeps on giving. Really great musicianship gives music like this an extra push. Miserable, beautiful and downright deep. I need to get his most recent recording. Stat.

  5. Japan

    Quiet Life

    Quiet Life 1979

    Low, hard-fingered fretless bass like chewing on the rubber hat of a toy Smurf. Melancholy, honey throated vocals lull you with quasi homoerotic 80's 'popness'. If I didn't love Japan, I'd fucking hate them. Consider that to be the highest praise possible.

  6. Public Image Ltd

    Public Image

    Public Image: First Issue 1979

    Nobody can really label this with a pointless genre. People have tried to give it the Post-Punk tag. It's just PIL. It is to my mind the most pure Lydon there is. From the sublime and pumping bassline to 'Public Image' to the scathing honesty and truth of 'Religion I' and 'Religion II.' If ever we needed Lydon, it was in '77 and now in 2008.

  7. Charged GBH

    City Baby Attacked by Rats

    City Baby Attacked by Rats 1982

    Just makes me feel like drop-kicking newborn babies. Heavy Metal Punk. End.

  8. Peste Noire

    Folkfuck Folie

    Folkfuck Folie 2007

    What a fucking mess. What a fucking FANTASTIC MESS. Actually, scratch sounds like every moment of this record was planned and blueprinted to the finest detail...Nope; it's just a fantastic fucking mess. Nope, it has to be planned, amazing songwriting. What a mess. Fantastic. Backwards.

  9. Autechre


    Chiastic Slide 1997

    An audio jigsaw you put together with your mind. Stunning counter rhythms, plips and (dare I say) plops go by you both at the speed of light and in a sickening crawl through sticky digital fur.

  10. Watchtower

    Energetic Disassembly

    Energetic Disassembly 1985

    Like the above but with guitars. It's Spooky Tooth but a million miles an hour. It's cunnilingus with a bass guitar. It sounds like someone has thrown the drummer down the stairs and then cut and pasted it back together in a manner fit for TOTAL PINPOINT PERCUSSIVE ACCURACY. Outstanding.

That's it. Show's over. Piss off.


Martin: Top Spinners of 2008
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