Beige Eagle Boys - You're Gonna Get Yours (CD)

Beige Eagle Boys - You're Gonna Get Yours (CD)

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Recalling the blown out syrupy sweet distortion of the CHERUBS and the upper Midwest scuzz of the BASTARDS and HAMMERHEAD, or while we're at it, all the finest cherry picked grime from AmRep, Touch & Go and Trance Syndicate, Detroit's BEIGE EAGLE BOYS throw the rock gears into a mid nineties noise rock reverse, gargling nuts and bolts and gravel and then flossing with guitar strings left over in Tom Hazelmyer's garage. But this is not a tribute to a dead scene. This is the face of noise rock now: even more raw, hardcore, weird, and loud. On You're Gonna Get Yours, the trio's debut album, they blast out a quick and potent rust belt racket with all three gents hollering over top. Every studio meter red-lined, every tube amp threatened with exhaustion, all three larynxes threatened with whatever the hell happens to larynxes after this kind of abuse. Ten songs done the right kind of wrong way, and all of it iced off with a distorted, up the ass cover of Don Henley's Dirty Laundry. Reptilian is proud to send this one out in to the world. Come see them on tour wherever clubs will have them. Just don't ask about the name. That shit's a closely guarded secret.


Track listing

  1. I Saw Your Face on the Pavement
  2. You Can Make the Beat Go Boom, Baby
  3. You Ruined Everything
  4. I Want Out
  5. Nothing's Ever Good Enough/Scrambler
  6. I Do Not Belong Here
  7. Burning Cantina
  8. Not My Fault
  9. Katy Perry
  10. Dirty Laundry