Cream Abdul Babar - Excavation: 1995-1998 (2CD)

Cream Abdul Babar - Excavation: 1995-1998 (2CD)

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CREAM ABDUL BABAR's Excavation: 1995-1998 collects all of their out of print material in one low-priced 2CD package. Disc one contains their first full-length, The Backwater of Masculine Ethics in its entirety, while disc 2 collects tracks from their split seven inch with I GUARD THE SHEEP, their Buried in Broken Glass EP, a live track and a remix by Larvae.


Track listing

  1. Temple of Doom
  2. Godzilla Vs. Mothra
  3. Jennifer Aniston's Pussy
  4. Death On A Stick
  5. Shi'Thead
  6. Morning Hog
  7. Dirty Minutes
  8. Splashing in Afterbirth
  9. Get In Line To Die
  10. Kelvin
  11. Untitled No. 3
  12. On Your Tongue
  13. Hounded
  14. ...And Afterwards, There's Cake
  15. Hemorrhage
  16. Todd Space is my Day Job
  17. Subunit Injection
  18. Dirty Minutes (7 inch)
  19. Thomas P. Rex
  20. Dirty Minutes (live)
  21. Dirty Minutes (Larvae remix)


I've always maintained that Florida's Cream Abdul Babar is one of the best extreme music bands that America has yet to hear. Here's a chance to experience the humble beginnings of a band that's been kickin' it DIY-style for a decade. - 5/5